4-FA (4-Fluoroamphetamine) is a substituted amphetamine that offers effects somewhere between those of amphetamine and MDMA. It’s been a member of the research chemical market since the late 2000s.

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buy 4 FA (4-FLUOROAMPHETAMINE), also called 4-FA or para-fluoroamphetamine (the position where fluorine is called the 4 or para position) is a synthetic drug with stimulating and empathogenic effects. Its chemical structure is very close to the amphetamine molecule, differing from it only with the presence of a fluorine atom in position 4 (para) of the phenyl ring. It is also very close to 4-chloroamphetamine, a highly neurotoxic amphetamine, differing from it only with the presence of a chlorine atom instead of a fluorine atom.
Like amphetamine, 4-fluoroamphetamine works by inhibiting the reuptake of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. But unlike amphetamine,

buy 4 FA (4-FLUOROAMPHETAMINE) inhibits serotonin reuptake much more pronounced. The few studies done on this compound suggest that it has nothing to do with its neurotoxic halogenated analogues: 4-chloroamphetamine, 4-bromoamphetamine and 4-iodoamphetamine. It has indeed a lower potency and does not cause a depletion of serotonin stocks. However, it would have been logical to think that 4-fluoroamphetamine is the most neurotoxic of the halogenated amphetamines since the neurotoxicity increases as it descends the halogen column to chlorine. But it is not, 4-FA is different from other halogenated amphetamines. No doubt this is due to the bond strength between the fluorine atom and the phenyl ring and / or a matter of metabolism.
The subjective effects of 4-fluoroamphetamine include euphoria which some find similar to the effects of MDMA and amphetamine, [3] increased energy (stimulation), mood elevation, feelings of warmth and empathy, excessive talking, bruxism, and suppressed appetite (anorexic) . The general course of effects involves primarily empathogenic effects for the first few hours, which fades out as increased stimulation develops over the next several hours

A does not cause long-lasting depletion of brain serotonin, unlike its analogs 4-CA and 4-BA.[9] This is thought to “reflect the inability of the fluoro-compound to be metabolized in the same way as the other haloamphetamines.”

Neurotoxicity does not increase down the series of para-halogenated amphetamine derivatives, even though serotonin releasing potency does follow this trend. For example, 4-iodoamphetamine is less toxic than is 4-chloroamphetamine.[5][11] Hence, this property is not related to serotonin releasing potency as such, since PAL-287 was reported to be not at all neurotoxic even though it is a powerful 5-HT releasing agent.[12] It is unclear where buy 4 FA (4-FLUOROAMPHETAMINE) fits in on the neurotoxicity scale. The extensive serotonergic neurotoxicity of 4-chloroamphetamine (and its brominated derivative), and the increased serotonergic toxicity of 4-methylamphetamine[13] suggest that para-substitution seems to increase overall serotonergic (neuro)toxicity, compared to amphetamine. Exceptions include 4-MTA, a para-substituted, non-neurotoxic amphetamine.


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