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Making small talk with your pot dealer sucks. buy Crack cocaine online can get you shot. What if you could buy and sell drugs online like books or light bulbs? Now you can: Welcome to Silk Road.

About three weeks ago, the U.S. Postal Service delivered an ordinary envelope to Mark’s door. Inside was a tiny plastic bag containing 10 tabs of LSD. “If you had opened it, unless you were looking for it, you wouldn’t have even noticed,” Mark told us in a phone interview.

Mark, a software developer, had ordered the 100 micrograms of acid through a listing on the online marketplace Silk Road. He found a seller with lots of good feedback who seemed to know what they were talking about, added the acid to his digital shopping cart and hit “check out.”

buy Crack cocaine online Silk Road, a digital black market that sits just below most internet users’ purview, does resemble something from a cyberpunk novel. Through a combination of anonymity technology and a sophisticated user-feedback system, Silk Road makes buying and selling illegal drugs as easy as buying used electronics — and seemingly as safe. It’s Amazon — if Amazon sold mind-altering chemicals.

Here is just a small selection of the 340 items available for purchase on Silk Road by anyone, right now: a gram of Afghani hash; 1/8 ounce of “sour 13” weed; 14 grams of ecstasy; .1 gram tar heroin. A listing for “Avatar” LSD includes a picture of blotter paper with big blue faces from the James Cameron movie on it.

This flows into the second point about online illicit purchases: there is no way of punishing a dealer who rips you off. A dealer can send dangerously cut drugs, an item you never ordered, or even nothing at all, and you have very little recourse. Increasingly, big black-market sites are being shut down by law enforcement agencies.

While it is good these sites are shutting down, they had systems in place, not unlike Amazon’s star system, to keep dealers “honest.” Now those big sites are disappearing and being replaced by smaller sites, led by small and mostly unknown criminals, that may have no such system and no good way to check the claims of their sellers.

buy Crack cocaine online With all this in mind, it is no wonder that scams are growing in number. As users seek a fix online, they have to “outrun” law enforcement, as the FBI and similar organizations shut down the most popular sites. This increases the likelihood that a user will turn to increasingly sketchier websites.

If you give your information to the wrong people, they may have your name, address, credit card information, and at least some of your money before you realize they are not sending anything. All the while, they may have digital proof that you attempted to commit a crime.


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