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Order Fentanyl sell online This month marks one year since Charlie Ternan, a 22-year-old, soon-to-be college graduate, was found unresponsive in his room after taking what he thought to be Percocet® to alleviate his back pain. The pill was unfortunately not a legitimate pain medication but was instead a fentapill, a counterfeit drug containing the synthetic opioid fentanyl. Charlie purchased the pill online from a social media site, which unknowingly connected him to a counterfeit dealer.

Order Fentanyl sell online Nine months after Charlie’s death, Laura Berman, a famed relationship therapist and television host, lost her 16-year-old son, Sammy Berman, who had also bought a prescription drug similarly containing fentanyl on Snapchat, a social media platform commonly used by teenagers. The convenience of internet shopping attracts many young buyers to turn to social media and internet platforms, not only to buy ordinary goods but also medications. This is especially concerning as the world grows increasingly reliant on the internet for access to health care and public health information.

Order Fentanyl sell online What some fail to recognize – especially young adults – is that is that most social media platforms are designed to keep users engaged by pushing content they believe the individual wants based on their activity on the platform. The algorithmic system that tracks users’ every move uses each click, search, like, and friend request to create a personalized feed for every user. Though algorithms were born out of platforms attempting to produce a list of recommended items to help users make decisions on content, it has arguably become much more complicated than just a short, tailored menu. For every click or search a user makes on their own, the algorithm spits back out recommended content based on assumptions of what other content is likely to entice the user to stay engaged

Order Fentanyl sell online Some platforms further mislead the user by blending recommended content with credible advertisements and pages or accounts the user has knowingly followed, reinforcing the user’s notion that the content they are viewing is from a trusted source. This may seem harmless, but when an individual is searching to buy a drug, the platform will deliver more drug-related ads, pages, and hashtags to a user’s feed, further enabling the illicit activity. Even if a user is not actively participating on the platform by searching, liking, or sharing, algorithms use other indications of interest such as time spent hovering over a post. In doing so, social media algorithms have become so efficient at suggesting content to users, even passive ones, that they have created a perfect pathway for digital drug dealers to connect to potential victims in a matter of a few clicks.


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